Monday, June 29, 2009

My Son the Natzi

After years of chasing my kids around the house (all 4 of them) asking them to turn off television sets, close outside doors and keep lights off, I have been relieved of my duties. It all started when I went to this website and won the jackpot.

I was poking around the internet like any other day and I entered some instant sweepstakes at
I wasn't all that surprised when it called me a winner of an energy monitor and asked me to enter my contact information. I figured this was a normal marketing strategy and someone would come to my house with the prize and talk me (or strong arm me) into making a large purchase. Because their entire business has to do with energy savings and renewable energy I didn't mind seeing what they had to offer and I went ahead and entered my information.

The next day I received a phone call and they scheduled an appointment to install my energy monitor. I looked forward to blogging about the day they came out and told me what they were all about. A man came to my house, hooked something up to my meter and then plugged in this fancy little device in my kitchen. Then the big surprise came...
he left! I had to chase after him, ask him for a card, a brochure, anything that told me more about what they were all about. He was kind enough to give me his card and then went on his way. What kind of marketing ploy is that? Where was the pushy sales guy?

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So now I'm left alone with this little device that tells me the temperature, how many watts of electricity I am using and what it is costing me per day. Of course anything as cool as this is noticed by the little man at my house instantly. When he saw how much MONEY we were spending on electricity he went around the house and turned things off. But he wasn't done there..he checked the gadget thingy and wasn't satisfied so he unplugged every appliance that wasn't in use. Then he followed his sisters around and barked at them to turn off lights as they left rooms. "Come on guys! We're wasting money!"

If I'd known I wouldn't have to nag at the kids anymore..I would have spent money to buy this thing!

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Kellie said...

That just figures. :) I commend your son on stepping up to the plate to take charge of the obviously out of control girls. You go little man! Maria, if you ever get tired of him, send him over to my house! My husband is always leaving the bathroom light on!