Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Zombie Ants

I live in Texas where science fiction doesn't even come close to the reality of the real science experiments we have here.
Hmm, who's idea was it to go to South America, study the enemy of fire ants and come back with a fly that lays an egg in the ant's head which grows, eats the ant's brain and then causes it's head to fall off? This would make a great movie..oh wait, I've already seen that one "brains...brains..."

I have carried home ladybugs and put them in my garden because they take care of the "bad bugs" but I'm not sure I'm ready to run out and get me some tiny little phorid flies to eat the heads off the fire ants. I'll recycle my Dad's coffee grounds (cause I don't drink the stuff) and pour them over the ant hills. My hope is that they will move off of my lawn and onto lawn of that over-watering neighbor of mine. Maybe he'll get bit.

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Anonymous said...

PETA was in the news recently when Pres. Obama killed a fly that landed on his neck. After reading over what is going on with these experiments I am considering the cancellation of my PETA membership.